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Is your Organization planning ahead?

Are your prevention efforts working? How vulnerable is your facility? Do your security officers know what to look for?  What is your risk tolerance?  We can help you answer these questions to develop effective and sustainable programs. We will work closely with your staff throughout the process to prepare your organization to be able to handle these difficult issues on their own.

Background Screening

We are excited to announce that we now offer industry leading background screening services. We have established a formal partnership with the world's largest provider of screening services, Sterling Information Systems. "Sterling's global network of employee verification experts, combined with its streamlined approach, enable you to make the right hiring decisions. Employment verification services offered by our ScreeningDirect online portal provide the most accurate results with the fastest turnarounds, securely and privately, in real-time forming an important part of our background screening services." Contact us today to get started.

Security Risk Management

Conducting regular assessments of your organization's security, personnel management and related programs provides a platform for identifying and addressing issues before they mature. Our assessments incorporate a risk-based security assessment methodology of your physical infrastructure with evaluations of your threat management programs and processes. The assessment also identifies areas of your organization's infrastructure and programs that are working well. This allows your organization to fully leverage these strengths and further provides a means of promoting the continued use of these desired behaviors and practices.

Once the assesement is completed, your organization is provided an easy-to understand narrative report that outlines our observations and gives the background and foundation of any recommendations we may make. Alvarez Associates will work with your team to create a plan to mitigate the impact of negative events. We work closely with your managment team to identify solutions that work within your operational budget.

Comprehensive Program Development

Whether your organization is just getting started or already has a mature workplace violence program in place, Alvarez Associates can help. From intial workplace assesement to support after the fact, our primary goal is to help your organization develop and maintain a culture of prevention.  We have taken the very complicated issue of establishing a workplace violence prevention program and broken it down into easy- to-maintain elements.  Click here to find out more about our comprehensive prevention program.  

Workshops, Seminars and Training

Whether you have students, bank tellers, construction workers or typical office workers, our programs are designed to provide the knowledge that your organization needs to be able understand potential warning signs of violence, who these issues should be taken to, and how to respond if violence should occur. We use positive reinforcement to create lasting "mental anchors". Our programs are customized and take into consideration your organization's unique requirements and challenges.  Find out more information by visiting our Violence Prevention Academy page.


Behavioral Threat Assessment/Management

There is no single model or assessment tool that can accurately and reliably predict if or when a person will become violent. However, assessing the credibility and seriousness of threats of violence can be an effective part of any organization's violence prevention effort. A multi-disciplinary approach to threat assessment has proven to be very effective. Unfortunately, most organizations do not maintain professional threat assessment experts on staff. Our threat assessment model leverages decades of law enforcement/security experience, education, course work, industry best practices and assessment of hundreds of potential violent individuals and situations.

After conducting an initial assessment of the situation, our threat assessment experts will work with your staff to determine the best course of action. If you don’t have a formal threat assessment team, we will help identify the appropriate members and then work with them throughout the assessment process.

Need a guest speaker?

Hector Alvarez has been a guest speaker and trainer for dozens of organizations. He has developed a program that brings awareness and understanding without fear, to a very difficult and sensitive topic. He is extremely passionate about keeping you and your organization safe. Contact us today to get started.

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