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Threat Assessment

If you have an immediate threat contact 911

Assessing the credibility and seriousness of threats of violence can be an effective part of any organization's violence prevention effort, it can also be very overwhelming. A multi-disciplinary approach to threat assessment has proven to be very effective. Unfortunately, most organizations do not maintain professional threat assessment experts on staff.  Working with your team, our threat assessment experts leverage decades of law enforcement/security experience, education, course work, industry best practices and assessment of hundreds of potential violent individuals and situations to help determine:

  • What steps should be taken first
  • What are the most critical issues
  • How to defuse , redirect, or minimize the potential for violence
  • How to manage the risk (liability) to your organization

Behavioral Intervention

Once potentially violent individuals or groups have been identified, we will quickly assess the subject for placement along the pathway to violence (how serious is the threat) or other destructive behavior. We then help plan and manage the risk through a highly coordinate set of preventative actions, in collaboration with Legal, Human Resources, Security and possibly law enforcement or other government agencies.

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