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Workplace Violence Prevention Testimonials

Robert Melis

Manager, Data Center and Operations

“I worked with Hector for over 12 years, and in that time I've seen Hector become one of the most dynamic speakers in the area of law enforcement and workplace violence. When speaking to large or small audiences about workplace violence, Hector has a unique ability to draw on his years of physical security and law enforcement experience, bringing a real world perspective to a very sensitive and sometimes scary subject. Hector has a wide depth and breadth of knowledge in all areas of security, law enforcement, and public safety. I highly recommend Hector for anyone looking to improve their employee safety and security program.” October 6, 2012

Radha Madrigal

Business Analyst - IT

“Hector is a well-spoken and engaging trainer who draws upon his extensive background in security operations and workplace violence prevention to tailor his presentations to his target audience. I found his classes to be informative and relevant. In addition, I am pleased that they contained practical instructions that I could immediately apply in the workplace. Hector is a seasoned and capable professional and I highly recommend him as a valuable resource to any organization.”

Greg Baughman

Health & Safety Coordinator

“Hector's knowledge and experience is second to none when it comes to security. I highly recommend Hector to any organization that is looking to implement, revise or enhance their security programs.”

Steven A. Dougherty, CISSP, CFE

Director - Technology Risk Management,

“I have known Hector for over 14 years and he has a strong endorsement by me. Hector is truly a security and investigative professional. He has overseen complex projects of integrating physical security systems, contract security services, and physical security designs. In positions he has held over the years, he has held high standards to his personal and business ethics which is a strong requirement in the security industry. I highly recommend Hector.”

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