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Strategic Partners

One of Alvarez Associates goals is to provide the resources, tools and training you need to help provide a safe and secure environment for your organization.   There are many times when other companies or organizations are better suited to provide a particular service or item.   We want to make it as convenient as possible for you to get the help you need in one place.  If we don't provide a particular service or item, we probably have a relationship with an organization that does. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.  

Sterling Infosystems

Sterling Infosystems is the world’s largest company focused entirely on background checks.

Led by our founder since 1975, we continually reinvest knowledge and resources back into the business. We deliver relentless customer service, unbeatable speed, and unrivaled accuracy.

Our team of over 2,200 employees serve over 16,000 customers across the globe, including 25% of the Fortune 100. More importantly we retain our customers – our 97% retention rate is based on a keen understanding of our customers’ needs, and then delivering on our promises.

Graphic of GetReadyGEAR logo.
GetReadyGEAR® provides emergency supplies selected by trusted emergency preparation pros. An emergency is no time to think about what to put in your emergency kits when you have only minutes to evacuate. GetReadyGear home survival kits and survival supplies are based on our extensive emergency operations experience. Please contact us should you need help chosing your survival kits or emergency supplies.

Active Shooter

ACTIVE SHOOTER CGPGMG, LLC, co-founded by Chris Grollnek, one of the top, nationally-recognized Active Shooter and Critical Incident Response experts, is a company dedicated to providing comprehensive Active Shooter Prevention and Survival Training to corporations, public sector, and other organizations, as well as true first responders of such tragic events–YOU—the public! 



Steve Tarani

CEO Tarani Training

Richard (Rik) Kirchner, JR.

CEO of KIRIK International, Inc.

Justin Partridge

Program Manager – Blaze Defense Systems

Roselyn G. Smith, Ph.D. FL PY7219

Licensed Psychologist | Critical Incident Recovery Specialist

Clifton P.


Christopher W Martin

Loriakin Seven Protection

Nate McVicker

Founder Guard 911 | Hero 911

James A. DeMeo, M.S.

Founder & President at Unified Sports & Entertainment Security Consulting, LLC

Grant Kauffman

CEO 12 Rounds Media, LLC

Dr. Joshua Sinai

Director of Analytics and Business Intelligence at the Resilient Corporation

Robert Siciliano

CEO of IDTheftSecurity.com

Chris Magee

President | Spherical Defense

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