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Investigative and Consulting Services

We help your organization develop prevention policies and procedures that are simple, effective and more importantly sustainable.  As a foundation, we use the American National Standard ASIS/SHRM WPVI.1-2011 Workplace Violence Prevention and Intervention, OSHA Guidelines, Best Practices and our “real world” experience helping organizations recover from incidents of extreme violence.  Violence prevention programs should be customized to fit your organizations specific needs, however there are some common elements;

  • Senior leadership commitment AND involvement
  • Comprehensive background checks
  • Conduct annual assessments of the workplace
  • Implement and maintain a Violence Prevention Policy
  • Implement and maintain a Substance Abuse Policy
  • Investigate all complaints/threats of violence
  • Maintain a strong relationship with local law enforcement
  • Establish a resource for understanding related state laws
  • Establish a multi-disciplinary team for responding to threats of violence and reviewing and monitoring effectiveness of related policies
  • Train staff on workplace violence prevention, management and response

Remember, it is not enough to just write a violence prevention policy. An effective program constantly evolves and always improves. You should ensure that program updates, drills, and training occur on a regular basis.

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