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About Alvarez Associates LLC

Workplace Violence Prevention

Alvarez Associates LLC is a security risk management firm based out of Northern California that specializes in workplace violence prevention, management, assessment and response.  Our primary goal is to provide your organization with the resources, tools and training needed to address this complicated issue.  We have assembled a multidisciplinary team with extensive backgrounds in threat assessment, law enforcement, physical security and human resources.

Vision Statement:  To help people protect themselves from violence.

Mission Statement: We will accomplish our vision by providing world class security, educational and training services.  We take a holistic approach to violence; prevention is our primary goal. However, we accept that violence may occur at any time and place and we want our clients to be ready to protect themselves.

Core Values:
  • Integrity: We believe in doing what is right even when nobody is watching. 
  • Preparedness: We believe in having the mindset of a warrior tempered by the heart of a volunteer.  We will continually improve our abilities and acknowledge our weaknesses.
  • Helpfulness: We believe that through helping others we are building safer communities. 

Hector R. Alvarez, President of Alvarez Associates

Mr. Alvarez is the founder of Alvarez Associates, a firm specializing in workplace violence prevention. He understands the challenges organizations and communities face addressing the threat of violence because he has lived them.  As a young man he faced the effects of domestic violence first hand. As a young EMT he once talked a women down who had just shot her husband.  While working in the computer field he helped design security controls to stop armed gangs from stealing valuable memory chips.  He was the Security Director for a high tech utility and regularly investigated threats against our nation’s critical infrastructure and the employees who worked to provide power for millions of people. He has also witnessed the collapse of civil order first-hand as a responder to both the Loma Prieta Earthquake and the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. And, as a volunteer police officer he routinely faced potentially violent situations.  

Over 15 years ago Mr. Alvarez started one of the nations most progressive "civilian focused" active violence prevention programs; highly trained armed guards, force option simulators, safe rooms, threat assessment teams and regular training for employees.  He has personally evaluated and managed hundreds of potentially violent situations, developed numerous violence prevention programs and trained thousands of security officers, employees and managers in workplace violence prevention. He has built over 25 years of experience in the field of violence prevention and uses this experience as the foundation of Alvarez Associates.  Mr. Alvarez now has the privilege of working with organizations both corporate and community based to build safer communities.

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