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Workplace Violence Prevention News

Should you worry about workplace violence?

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

I recently came across a discussion between Human Resource professionals regarding the need for workplace violence prevention programs. One of the comments was "Unless you're in a unique environment (high-risk), I look at this topic as one you shouldn't worry too much about. The odds of a violent incident on your work premises are infinitely small."  This attitude reflects a fairly significant disconnect in an organizations risk management efforts.  I think this attitude exists for one basic reason, the commenter doesn't understand the impacts of WPV.  The impacts of the this position are compounded given the fact that this person apparently works in the Human Resources field.   

Workplace violence prevention programs not only address physical violence, but should include threatening behavior, bullying, harassment, domestic violence and other similar inappropriate workplace behavior.  Its naive to think that we can have highly productive organizations if the employees are uncomfortable in the office.

With fairly minimal effort organizations can incorporate workplace violence prevention programs into existing workplace policies and programs.   Having a dismissive attitude may just move your organization into the "high-risk" category.
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