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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Alvarez Associates LLC is a professional security consulting firm based out of Northern California that specializes in workplace violence prevention, management, assessment and response.  Our primary goal is to provide your organization with the resources, tools and training needed to address this complicated issue.  We have assembled a multidisciplinary team with extensive backgrounds in threat assessment, law enforcement, physical security and human resources.


The threat of violence in our workplaces, schools and communities is a complex and disturbing issue.  Many people belive that most acts of violence are random and unpredictable, and are therefore unpreventable. However, that is simply not the case.  In almost every case we have been involved in, responded to or researched there is a common theme; there was almost always very clear warning signs that could have prevented the incident from ever occurring. This is a sobering thought, and one of the driving forces behind our motivation to help your organization.

In the News

We have given several interviews and made appearances regarding the threat of violence in the workplace.  We always welcome the opportunity to help educate and inform people about steps they can take to stay safer.

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